Le Shotgun Marriage

John Donne said that a tragedy ends with a death, and a comedy ends with a marriage. Le Shotgun Marriage, a musicalization of Molière’s Le Mariage Forcé, is a tragicomedy: it ends in a marriage, which for the hero, Sganarelle, is the death of his dreams. It’s based on a wonderfully funny one-act play, which Michael Cook and Eben Keyes turned into a two act musical. Originally, in the court of the King of France, it was a three hour extravaganza, including a balletic sequence in which the King danced. Shotgun was produced first at The Amateur Comedy Club, in New York City, as a one-act. Expanded to two acts, it was then produced at The Sharon Playhouse, in Sharon, Connecticut, and again at The Priscilla Beach Theatre, in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The songs are lyrically witty – some of Keyes’s best work – and tuneful.

Sin and Sex and Greed
You’re Never Too Old
The Bliss and the Blessing
If You Want Me To Want You
Kind Gentleman (the Gypsy Song)
I Am a Philosopher
When You Marry In Paree

When Monsieur is Mature
I Never Said I Love You
Put On Your Mask
No One Needs a Son-In-Law Like Me
What Do We Do? We Duel
Let Us Celebrate This Joyful Day